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 Keynotes & Workshops with Impact

The critical skill for any professional is the ability to engage in truly impactful conversations. Each topic below has been developed to address the more common conversational challenges we all face. Each can be framed as a keynote, workshop, or module of a broader program. Contact Impact4Results to learn more about how these programs can impact your organization.

Thriving in Conflict
How can we move beyond the inertia that results from constant conflict?
This workshop helps to identify the ways we are in conflict, explains the benefits of conflict, and illustrates how to use that understanding to drive better results.

Changing Attitudes
How can we create lasting and impactful change when faced with an undertow of resistance?
This addresses both how to manage change and also how to manage the attitudes that can impact our effectiveness in change. (This topic is a combination of Winning Attitudes and The Keys to Managing Change).

Influencing Leaders
How can I influence when I don’t have authority over others?
This workshop provides a way to understand the necessity of influence in our day to day work and how to use positive influence strategies especially when someone doesn’t work for us.

Applied Agility
How do I engineer agility into the DNA of my teams?
In this program we move beyond the buzz word to develop a business case for agility, a new context around what it means and tools and techniques to make it real in the work setting.

Winning Attitudes
Do attitudes impact results?
Of course attitudes impact results, however what is missing in many programs is a way to breakdown beliefs and develop new strategies. This topic is not intended to promote a Pollyanna approach, but a way to leverage beliefs to create greater impact.

Impacting People and Teams
How can we improve our results when working with diverse teams?
Although we may hate to admit it, there are times when we think it would be much easier if others would think, act, and communicate the way we want them to. This program provides a way to understand the diversity of styles that exist in any organization and a framework to develop new strategies to work effectively with others.

The Keys to Managing Change
How do I leverage change when the very earth under our feet is shifting?
Our lives are filled with change. As soon as we think we have accomplished something, the ground shifts. This program provides a practical way to see and manage the change we face in our day to day work.

Engineering Conversations with Impact
What are we talking about, and why are we talking about it?
The IdEA© Model provides an effective tool for making sure conversations keep focused, create deeper understanding, and drive impactful action. In this program we learn how to use this framework in any conversational setting whether, team or one on one, to set goals or address accountability, to give positive feedback or constructive feedback. The IdEA © Model provides a more systemic approach to any conversation.

Developing Leaders
Is the frenetic pace of work life wearing you down? Not sure where to focus?
This program focuses on how we develop ourselves, others, and our organizations. It is bigger than delegation; it is necessary for succession and it builds greater value added.

The Keys to Empowerment
How can we be empowered when we don’t have power or control?
This interactive workshop provides five keys to unlocking empowerment regardless of the person’s tenure, title or level of authority.

Each of these topics can be delivered as a keynote address or a workshop. They can also be combined together as modules for a leadership program.

Each program includes both a professionally designed workbook for participants to develop an action plan. Many programs include a pocket size quick reference guide for easy access to the concepts and tools.


Leadership Programs

Many professionals struggle with making the leap from manager to transformational leader.  It is a necessary development process that happens over the course of a career and it involves a myriad of skills.  A core philosophy of Impact4Results is that “the greatest learning happens at the point of execution.”

To that end we have worked with many organizations helping professionals develop skills and collect the tools necessary to make that leap. This includes how to: identify strategic opportunities, define and scope them quickly, prepare a business case, influence others, develop implementation strategies, communicate compelling reasons for an idea, manage change effectively, and develop executive presentation strategies.

The power of these programs extends beyond what is learned because participants are working on real business issues and impacting the business while they learn. These programs include one on one coaching and workshops delivered both in-person and virtually over a period of months. Ask how one of these programs fits in your organization.