Virtual Programs

For over 10 years I have delivered virtual programs for leadership cohorts domestically and internationally. Doing this is more than turning on a camera and a mic.

We tend to lump everything in to a single category of “webinars”. Not all virtual engagements are created equal.  Ask about topics, approaches and programs I deliver virtually with impact.  These are a few categories of virtual delivery you may want to consider.

Informational Webinar

Little to no interaction where a presenter delivers a high volume of information. Usually 60 minutes or less.

Interactive Webinar

Uses moderators, interviewers or panelists along with interactive tools like chat box, polls, and white boards to engage the audience.


Interactive Virtual Learning (IVL)

Replicates the workshop experience via active participant engagement, discussion, exercises, pre work/post work, and engagement via video.

Interactive Virtual Learning Program Series

Breaks programs into multiple segments or modules. Participants engage in partner/group work between sessions. “Report backs” allow for greater peer learning.