Doug exemplifies everything we want from our presenters. He ensures participants are deeply engaged and he is expert at responding to his audience. He provides highly relevant and applicable tools in all of his programs. His materials include action plans that allow participants to apply what they learn and take the concepts back to the workplace. I have confidently recommended Doug and will continue to use him in the future.

Senior Executive – Utilities Industry, Client

Passionate; well spoken; experienced in business; great stories and anecdotes

Workshop Participant

Wow! Doug’s command of the room is amazing

Workshop Participant

What I value most in Doug is his authenticity. This makes him highly relatable and engaging with his audiences. Doug took the time to understand our program and ensure that what he delivered related to the other aspects of our program. The materials and tools he provides make his programs all the more impactful. On top of that, he made it so easy to work with him, making my job easy.

CEO, Executive Learning Organization

Great at getting total group participation

Workshop Participant

Doug hit the ball out of the park with a program he created for very senior leaders. He engages people’s imaginations through questions and relatable stories. He also is very effective at adjusting to participants’ needs and comments during the program. One participant said “I never thought of it that way” which exemplifies his ability to shape strategic thinking. His materials and graphics helped to convey concepts in a way that makes them usable in the workplace.

Director Corporate Security, Fortune 500 Manufacturer and Services Corporation

Great blend of direct business experience, credibility, and facilitation skills

Workshop Participant

Doug is real. There’s no doubt that he knows his material and how to apply solutions to problems. He leaves you with a solid, pragmatic framework that can be applicable in many situations. Doug takes the time to develop a program specific to your needs, then follows up with genuine care to ensure it sticks.

Director, Product Support

Great at getting people engaged… great energy… passionate about the material; confident; experienced; great sense of humor

Workshop Participant

Very knowledgeable, easy to listen to, held my attention

Workshop Participant

Everything Doug does he treats like a partnership. He fully immerses himself in your business and truly wants your people to succeed. Feedback from our participants has been overwhelmingly positive. We have embedded his concepts into our organization so we all speak a common language. He’s not an outsider for us and that’s valuable.

Vice President Human Resources, Major Real Estate Investment Corporation

Lots of energy and very engaging, interesting and relevant stories reinforced concepts

Workshop Participant

Doug was an excellent facilitator. He was lively, funny, and kept the class interesting

Workshop Participant

My first impression of Doug is genuineness. When you meet him, he’s not putting on an act, he’s truly real and invested in your organization. Doug’s style of facilitation finds out where the audience is, what they need to do, and helps them get there. He really does his homework and knows the culture of the organization so he can tailor the engagement. Doug’s contributions are very impactful, long lasting and impressionable. He is passionate, confident, trustworthy and relatable. From front line employees to executives, he can relate to all levels of an organization and engage them appropriately.

Senior Manager, Learning and Development

Great connection with participants. One of the best and most entertaining presentations I have seen

Workshop Participant

Great communicator especially the fact that he took info that could have been boring and made it interesting

Workshop Participant

Commanding; energetic; experienced

Workshop Participant

Some people are good with materials, some have great insights, and some have strong platform skills…Doug has all of it in a bundled package. Doug brings new and fresh insights versus rehashing the same old ideas. He listens to the audience’s unique needs and tailors his approach to the participants. He made my job easy by listening to our needs and delivering on what he promised.

Manager, Learning and Development, Client

Excellent presenter with lots of senior management experience

Workshop Participant

Doug has an ability to connect to employees at all levels to get them to see things differently. He knows how to stretch their abilities. Every employee that has worked with Doug has walked away better in some, or many ways. Whether it is understanding how they are received by others, how they influence situations, or how to look at a situation in order to impact change…each has learned and grown from their interaction with Doug. You and your organization will be improved by working with Doug.

Director, Human Resources Fortune 100 Corporation

Style and attitude engenders trust and engagement of the entire audience

Workshop Participant

Doug brought energy and focus to a very senior and diverse group of leaders. Our approach had become stale and by listening to our needs and understanding our business, he helped us change the dynamic of our meetings. When facilitating our forum, he was able to tease out the conversations necessary to have meaningful strategic conversations. He created very high levels of buy in and engagement. He also draws upon a huge tool kit of leadership tools and concepts to help us address and solve serious business challenges.

CIO, Fortune 100 Organization

Doug’s facilitation skills are excellent as well as his knowledge of material and life experiences

Workshop Participant

Whether it’s in front of a large audience, or one on one, Doug always seems so comfortable. He takes the time to know your company and culture and gives relevant examples that the audience can relate to. He’s able to draw from past experience to lend credibility to relay information. Doug always delivers. Always.

Manager, Learning and Development

Doug’s has fantastic platform skills. His style brings a real connectedness with his audience. He has a passion for his material and for helping others improve. The way he designs and delivers his material makes it easy for participants to apply what they learn to real work challenges. He also makes our job easier by being responsive and accessible to clients and participants.

Director Training and Development, Real Estate Services Corporation