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OMG, I wake up each morning and see one more thing layering complexity and uncertainty into a world already wrought with too much of both. My mind begs the question “What’s next?” Of course we are dealing with COVID, but COVID is not one thing. It has spawned economic turmoil, job uncertainty, upheaval over wearing masks, resistance to executive orders at the state level, disparity of experiences geographically, serious identity crises and so much more. And we aren’t even talking about what happens when testing and vaccines become more ubiquitous. For example, who gets it first, what if people don’t want it, how is this applied to work/school/social settings and God help us if we start marking people based on testing/vaccination.

Also, from all of this BLM has erupted into the headlines and national psyche (and even internationally). Our education system, both K-12 and higher education, seems to be frozen in flux and many institutions may never be the same. Whole businesses and industries have been upended; some for the better, some for the worse.

That’s not to mention the political unrest that will only grow in the coming months. Social media and news outlets are barraging us with so much information, sometimes changing, other times shifting, often conflicting, and layered with far too much misinformation. These are truly unprecedented times.

There are days I am trying to figure out how to put my foot down to stop the merry-go-round and get off this dizzying ride. I try to think strategically and plan for an uncertain future. I don’t have a crystal ball and quite honestly trying to predict the future isn’t my strong suit. If it was I would be sitting on a beach sipping Mai Tais somewhere and I wouldn’t be writing this blog. (Maybe I would continue because I do enjoy the thinking-writing process.)

The one small consolation is that I know I am not alone. I spend quite a bit of time talking with people from many different walks of life to see what they see, understand how they think and generally just see what comes from a jam session. (A jam session is what I call it when you get two or more people together and just jam on a topic like musicians jam on music.)

This blog is the first in a series that I have created to help others who are struggling with the same thing. Each blog will offer some different ways to think through these times, some ideas to consider, and tools you can use. I will provide some TPQ’s© (Thought Provoking Questions) you can use to shift your mind and also to use with your team to shift their thinking. I will offer the first of many TPQ’s© to get you started.

Who can you jam with who can expand your thinking, help you see more broadly, and challenge you?

If you are in my friends and family circle, or want to be, I am always open to a jam session. Just shoot me an email or reach out by clicking here.

I also created a tool called the Strategic Readiness Inventory© you can use for free to determine how best to pivot into strategy. Check it out by clicking here. I look forward to having you join me and others on this journey.  I welcome your voice in the conversation. Although scary, this can also provide us unimaginable opportunities. I hope that you find the latter while we all experience the former.